Workshops and Events

Heart Intelligence Transformation Days

Contact Kathy if you are interested in having her conduct a Heart Intelligence Transformation Days session for your group or organization. These sessions can be customized for you and you can choose between a 3 -hour or a 6-hour session.

Heart Intelligence is a powerful work using a method of personal transformation called HEART IQTM developed by my mentor, Christian Pankhurst, an expert in facilitating group dynamics who is the founder of the international Heart IQ Academy.

It creates an awareness that allows us to shift from our head to the greater wisdom of our heart which opens us to experience higher levels of performance, creativity, intuition, and joy.  Each small group session (from 8 – 18 participants) includes processes designed to remove blocks and resistance we might have to our own success thus helping participants get “unstuck.”

Through the continued practice of Heart Intelligence, our true purpose and life’s direction can be revealed