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Kathy Eckhardt, Success Coach and Founder of Finding Your Genius, specializes in showing high-potential women just how remarkable they truly are and catapulting them into their Zone of Greatness where they were born to shine.  Kathy believes life is short and precious and therefore you need to be sharing your gifts with the world now! She is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs to create a life beyond their wildest dreams as they make their impact in the world.

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This video was recorded at a FABWOMEN event in Richmond, VA.

FABWOMEN is a diverse, focused and high-energy community of women committed to personal and professional development through the creation of lasting connections. For more information, or to apply to join, visit www.fabwomen.me

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“Kathy Eckhardt has presented Marketing Techniques for Small Businesses at Entrepreneurial Events for our region for several years. Her material and personality resonates well with our audiences and her presentations have consistently been rated as “very good to excellent.” In her lively, energizing sessions, Kathy gives clear tips and, most importantly, actionable suggestions on how to implement these valuable strategies. She is a dynamic, engaging speaker and we felt very fortunate to have her.”
Director, Business Development and Outreach Services Virginia Department of Small Business and Supplier Diversity (SBSD)

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