It is time.

It’s time to finally pursue your BIG DREAM.
Or to make good on that LIFE PURPOSE that you know is yours, and yours alone.
It’s time to stop sleep-walking through life…. to do what you’re afraid of doing… to turn off your autopilot… and finally listen to that little niggling in your soul,

reminding you that there’s something more to life
than what you’ve created already.

It’s time to use your current level of success as a launching pad… and not a reason to hold back.

It’s time to go for it….
But first, you have to REMEMBER what “it” is.

In this deep dive, intensive and intimate one-day workshop you’ll define, describe and declare YOUR FIRE.  This is so you know exactly what you’re here to do and what you need to do next.  But we won’t stop there.  You’ll also leave with:

  • a community of other do-ers cheering you on as you take your first baby step… or first huge leap;
  • a “fire in your belly” that you may have thought went away for good;
  • a quiet confidence that comes from putting feet to your plans, and walking out YOUR vision; and
  • a plan for how to make YOUR purpose financially and emotionally sustainable.

To join this event, part of Kathy’s ONE YEAR commitment to help professionals RE-LAUNCH THEIR LIFE,  mark Saturday, August 20th, 2016 on your calendar and click here to register now:


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