Bigger, Bolder, Faster

Helping women to become the Greatest Version of their own Success Story is what brings me the greatest joy!!

So let’s talk about you for a minute.

  • Your life is comfortable, you’re successful and you’re good at what you do.  Yet you can’t stop feeling that there is something more you are meant to do.
  • In spite of all of your past successes that niggling feeling in the back of your mind won’t go away. As Morpheus tells Neo in the movie, The Matrix, “You don’t know what it is, but its there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.”
  • You’re ready to up your game and make a bigger difference in the world but the WHAT and the HOW elude you.
  • Your lack of confidence about this surprises you. You’re never been a “Scaredy-Cat” – you’ve always been able to handle whatever came along – yet something is stopping you in your tracks. Where is this resistance coming from?
  • You have a library of personal development books, you’ve listened to the “experts” and taken the courses – you could TEACH the courses for heavens sake!  But you still don’t have an answer.
  • Everyone around you seems so ready to settle for ordinary and they want you to settle for ordinary too, but you can’t do that because this calling, this drive to be all you can be, won’t let you give up.

And yet time just keeps marching on and you are starting to wonder “WHEN?”

What if you were Ready Right Now?

What if you just needed somebody to help you to OWN IT?

Bigger, Bolder, Faster is designed to equip women, like YOU, who already have the mentality, the highly-honed skills and the foundational abilities to Step Up and Step Out into their greatest Dreams.

 Here’s how it works:

  • Private time with me.  What I’m talking about is an intensive, one-on-one half-day deep dive into your “heart.”  In person or on Skype.  This is YOUR TIME and it’s all about YOU.  Sometimes all we are missing is that sister-like support that shows us we’re not alone.  We simply need someone who understands what we want , who has been where we are and has felt what we feel to run along side us helping us uncover, re-discover and put into motion what we were born to do.
  • In depth assessment.  Before we meet, you’ll fill out an extensive questionnaire to help me arrive to our time together ON POINT and ready to hit the ground running.  There really IS no time to waste.  The more I know about you, where you are now and what you want, the more value I can bring to our session.
  • Together, we create a completely customized agenda.  This is not “one size fits all.”  No two sessions are alike because no two people are alike.   We all have our own dreams.  I teach what you need to know.  We start with where you are and create an inspired action plan from there.
  • Personal discovery.  We’re going for total clarity about what you are put on this planet to do and we won’t come up for air until you’ve GOT IT!!! When we’re done you will KNOW what your “next right step” is … and the one after that … and the one after that.
  • Specific follow up from me.  You’ll be given specific, detailed, written recommendations, action steps, strategies for how to create a life that is in alignment with your soul’s purpose and your heart’s desires.
  • 3 follow-up “Check-In” Calls, to deliver right-on-time, heart-centered support from me, one each month for the 3 months following our session.  This call will always be held on a specific pre-arranged day and time.    (This extra support is a BONUS.  Except for real emergencies, there are no make-up times available so you will want to carve out this time and make it sacred.)

My goal is to get everyone I work with into their Genius Zone, the place where everything comes to you so easily and effortlessly that it seems to be happening all by itself.  It simply flows.  This is because it’s your gift and it was given to you to share with the world.

My clients tell me that one of my gifts is unlocking their potential and unblocking the hopes, goals and dreams that they have been squashing down for most of their lives.  I’ve had a lot of practice.  Over the course of my career I have coached hundreds of women to move boldly beyond their Comfort Zones and many go on to rank among the “Best of the Best” in their fields.  I didn’t do it for them.  They did it themselves.  I only helped them to claim the Greatness that was already inside of them.  But that is where I excel.

So, if you’re ready (and I believe you are) I’m ready.

Your investment in yourself for the Bigger, Bolder, Faster! Program is $797.  Don’t hesitate to be GREAT or a year from now you will be in the same place, asking the same questions and wishing you had started today.