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Not everybody has the skill of being able to identify their own “sweet spot” where they adore their life, have an opportunity to make an impact on the world and earn a substantial livelihood doing work they love.  It often takes something or someone outside of us to point us in the right direction.  That’s how it was for me.

I had been highly successful for many years in a career that I loved where I trained, mentored and lead remarkable women to tap into their full potential through the avenue of a business. I had it all and life was good!  

And yet over time I began to have a growing sense of an elusive “something more” that I was meant to do.  A purpose I couldn’t quite grasp.  What it was I had no clue!  I only knew there was something calling me.  (Nagging me is more like it!)  These were the thoughts going through my mind as I stood in the middle of a large ballroom at a major company awards event when an excited young woman came running up to me.

 “I’m so glad to see you” she practically gushed!  “I’ve been wanting to tell you what a difference you made for me.  If it wasn’t for you, I would have quit back then, and I would never have known how great I could be.”

She went on to explain that several years earlier she had attended a class I was teaching that changed the direction of her life.  When I asked what I said that day that had given her such a “Lightbulb” moment she looked genuinely puzzled for a moment.

“I don’t remember what you said.  I don’t even know what the topic was. All I know is that the person who got up off that chair when you finished speaking wasn’t the same person who sat down in it 45 minutes earlier.  Something in me changed.”

She gave me a quick hug and headed back to the conference leaving me standing there feeling stunned.

WOW!  Could it be possible that I had been living my purpose all along …. recognizing potential when I found it and saying exactly the words someone needed to hear at the very moment she needed to hear them?  Could it really be that simple? 

And I suddenly understood that the mentoring part of my job was the part I loved the most, it was where I was the most effective, and it was what I should be doing full time.  Everything else I did was just “stuff.”

I remembered once telling a delightful, truly amazing woman “Don’t you see? You’re the person everyone ELSE wants to be!  That was obviously a totally new thought to her.  She stared at me like she couldn’t believe it.  But she took it in.  And went on to become a living icon among her associates. 

I often wondered back then “Why can’t these brilliant, beautiful women see their own greatness?” 

But I came to realize that, as women, we don’t always value and appreciate our own innate abilities. Because they come to us so easily we assume they must come just as easily to everybody else.  “Oh, anybody can do this,” we tell ourselves. “It’s no big deal.”  We don’t realize that it’s our Gift (with a capital G) and if we don’t share it, the world will feel the lack.

What that young woman taught me that day was to see and value my own Gifts. 

And that’s why when I wake up in the morning now, I tell myself “If TODAY I can help one more woman realize the incredible person God created her to be and the extraordinary life she was born to live…. It will be a GOOD day.” 

Are you ready to find out just how GOOD life can be?

Today I’m the coach I wished I had had back then when I was wondering “What am I supposed to do with the rest of my life?”

If you know in your heart that I am talking to YOU – you are unfulfilled in your career or you’re feeling stagnant and bored with your life but you are not sure what your passions are or how to make a change — consider the possibility of coaching with me to explore ways to create a life beyond your wildest dreams as you leave your own special imprint on the world.

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Kathy Eckhardt is an award-winning entrepreneur with over 35 years of success as a powerful Leader in her industry.  Her bold vision and her laser sharp intuition give her the ability to help her clients reconnect to their deepest longings, catapult their careers and create more fulfilling, richer lives.

Kathy is a true powerhouse. Whether working with small groups of two to twenty people or speaking to an audience of thousands, Kathy has the gift of making every person present feel that she can see right into their hearts.  This heart-to-heart connection bypasses hours and hours of traditional coaching so her clients can get on with the business of creating the life of their dreams.

Kathy’s life is proof of what she teaches, that doing what you love will bring the greatest reward, both emotionally and financially. 

When asked what drew her into business, Kathy was slow to answer “I have to think about that because the truth is, I never made a decision to go into business. I simply did things that I enjoyed doing which attracted other people who enjoyed doing them too.  I soon discovered that when you love what you are doing you want to do it more and more and so you get good at it and people start wanting to pay you for it and they call that business.”


Kathy Eckhardt

Success Coach and Cheerleader to Remarkable Women