"30 Days to DONE!"

An Experiment in Possibilities
Begins May 1, 2020

“YOU are so much MORE than you think you are. You are Smarter, Stronger, More Capable, More Creative, More Passionate and More Powerful than you can even imagine, and I want to PROVE it to you!”

What is the Craziest, Most Unrealistic, Preposterous, Outrageous, Impossible Dream you could EVER IMAGINE manifesting in your life?

What if it wasn’t “IMPOSSIBLE?”

What if I could show you that it was within your power to create it? 

And what if you amazed yourself and – actually — just DID it?

No more excuses… no more reasons “why not…” no more lying to yourself about getting to it later… no more delays… no more coming through for others and disappointing YOURSELF.

This can be your NEW reality.
Your new NORMAL.
Starting with just ONE goal.
And 30 days.
To Done!

It Doesn’t Matter How Big or Small Your Goal is…

By the end of 30 days you will be well on your way to accomplishing it – and you will have the skills, resources and support you need to reach the finish line in record time. You’ll “SEE It DONE!” And seeing it done is a major step toward getting it done.

How BIG are you ready to dream?

What goal would you like to achieve in the year ahead?

Write your Book?

Start your own Business?

Buy your Dream Home?

Enjoy a European Vacation?

DOUBLE your Highest Income Month EVER?

Achieve an Audacious Fitness Goal?

Meet your Soulmate?

For every “Big Dream” listed here, I know someone who has done it…

…In 30 Days.

And if even ONE person has done it, then it’s POSSIBLE TO DO.
And if it’s possible to do.
It’s possible for YOU.

“If you don’t have a dream,
how can you have a dream-come-true?”
~ Jiminy Cricket

In this truly transformative program you will learn how to:

  • Release the Resistance that has been keeping you stuck.
  • Change your emotional state instantly whenever you want to.
  • Reprogram your emotional defense mechanisms.
  • Move from powerlessness, numbness and feelings of unworthiness to a place where you feel empowered and inspired.
  • Connect to your vitality, your “Juice!”


Kathy teaches us how to concentrate on what we want in life and not on what we fear. She helped me to get UNSTUCK and to overcome my fears of leaving a job that I had held for ten years and moving to a new city where I found an even better position and met the man who is now my fiancé. Today, I am doing what I love and I am happier and more successful than I have ever been. Thank you, Kathy!

~ Natasha Ashley, Richmond, VA International Business Blogger

Kathy is the person you want to work with when you are committed to achieving your goals – and need a competent and caring professional to ensure you get there! You will get what you need to succeed. I was in a group coaching program with her and found her support and guidance invaluable in achieving my stated goals. This woman is amazing!

~ Kathy Scheiern, Boston, MA, Co-Owner at Tesseract Transformation

It’s all a matter of perception.

Quantum physics tells us that “when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” Our perception shapes our reality. Let’s change your perception of what you can do.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
~ Nelson Mandela

This powerful program will walk you step by step through the entire process of setting and achieving one big, ambitious goal – then show you how to repeat the process again and again and again to create the life you want.


“I left feeling inspired to Do It Right Now!”

“You’re doing such great work here. I appreciate you Soo much!”

“Enthusiastic and Inspiring!”

“Loved this class and presenter!  Want MORE!”

“I am so grateful I took this course.  It promises to be a life changer!”

“This class caused me to reflect on changes for my life that would add to my personal satisfaction and my self-worth.”

“I began to ACTUALLY allow myself to dream and changed my thinking.”

“I really enjoy having a guided daily focus. It’s so easy to stray from the discipline/routine.”

“It was so awesome!”

It doesn’t matter what goal you want to achieve… “30 Days to DONE” will give you the tools, support and structure you need to achieve it.

  • EVERY SINGLE DAY you will be given “YOUR NEXT RIGHT STEP” via a personal email from Kathy as you experiment with the energy of positive manifestation.
  • You will have an exclusive invitation to the “30 Days to DONE!” Private Facebook Group where you will be able to share ideas and inspiration with other “Big, Bold Dreamers” just like you. Kathy pops on the page almost every day responding to comments, answering questions and creating fun challenges for the group.  It will become your favorite place to play.
  • Kathy will “GO LIVE!” regularly in your “30 Days to DONE!” Private Facebook Group sharing MIRACLE MINDSET tips and techniques. You won’t want to miss one and will be able to watch them at your leisure.
  • You will have UNLIMITED PRIVATE EMAIL ACCESS TO KATHY for encouragement, accountability and support throughout the course. Kathy responds personally to every single email she receives and no one but Kathy will read your emails.

BONUS! You’ll receive Kathy’s ebook:

How to Create Your Very Own Dream BIG Dream Book – “See It DONE!”

At the end of 30 Days, using the practices you’ll learn during the course and the “30 DAYS TO DONE!” Step-by-Step Aligned Action Plan you’ll be saying “That was easy!”

Say YES to Your DREAMS and Begin Your 30-Day Journey Today!

You have the power to create WHATEVER YOU WANT.… greater happiness, fulfilling relationships, bigger success and more abundance. I’ve taken all the guesswork out of translating the concepts of the Universal Laws into concrete, easy, daily-doable actions.

And it all begins when you say “YES!”

The Entire “30 Days to DONE!” Program is yours for

Only $197. 


How to Create Your Very Own Dream BIG Dream Book

“See It DONE!”

Dreaming is designing your future. The Dream BIG Dream Book “See It DONE!” gives detailed instructions on how to magnetize your dreams into reality. It will totally take all the mystery out of THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Kathy shows you how to go from just dreaming your dreams to living your dreams in the here and now by picturing or visualizing them as if they are already accomplished.

Your DREAM BOOK will help you to crystallize your vision of who you want to become, what you want to do and what you want your life to look like. It becomes a composite picture of your DREAM LIFE.

“Imagination is everything.
It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”
~ Albert Einstein

“It is my ardent hope that this little book will guide you to envision and create exactly the kind of life you want so that you can live a life of joy as you fulfill your divine soul assignment. I deliberately made it short, practical, fun and easy to follow. You’re going to be creating a picture book of your dreams as you learn how to use mental imagery, affirmation and the Law of Attraction to produce positive changes in your life.”   ~ Kathy

"30 Days to DONE: One-on-One!"

If you would like to go even deeper and want to work with Kathy in a close “heart-to-heart” way, I have several spots available for Private Coaching at a special price during the 30 Days to DONE! program. Price includes all of the program highlights listed above. 

The price for the “30-days to DONE – One-on-One!” is $798

“30 Days to DONE: One-on-One!” is a Private Coaching Program with a full month Exclusive Access to Kathy as your Personal Coach as well as full Accountability and Support for your “30 Days to Done!” Goal.  In addition to everything outlined above, it includes:

  • Once a week you will have a Private Possibility Coaching Call – just you and me! – building belief, eliminating excuses and breaking through the obstacles that are holding you back.
  • And – BONUS! – A Customized mp3 Download of your personal Mental Dream Movie

I will record a “customized just for you” MENTAL DREAM MOVIE in MP3 format.
Value:  $200
(This extra gift is for One-on-One Participants Only.)

By the third week of your private “One-on-One” coaching, having built a strong foundation of belief, you will be ready to take your manifestation meditations to a whole new level where you can close your eyes and mentally “See It Done!”

On your third Possibility Coaching Call, with Kathy’s guidance, you will craft your Personalized POWER AFFIRMATIONS and create an outline for your MENTAL DREAM MOVIE which Kathy will record for you in her special expressive manner to download as an mp3.

Your MENTAL DREAM MOVIE will be completely personalized and tailored just for you but to give you an example of what it will be like, here is a snippet of one that has brought success to many aspiring achievers.

To hear a sample click the “I AM THE QUEEN” CD below:

“For all the Skeptics out there, I have to say that there was a time I was skeptical too. But I thought “Wouldn’t it be cool if it could happen?” So, I suspended my disbelief long enough to give it a try and IT WORKED FOR ME! I ask you to simply push your doubt off to the side.…. For 30 Days. And consider this an experiment in POSSIBILITY.”   ~ Kathy

Just Say YES and Begin Your Journey Today!

When you see what you can accomplish in just 30 days ….

Through the power of Coaching, Manifesting, Accountability and ACTION ….


The way you approach your goals.
What you see as POSSIBLE.
How BIG you Dream.

I can’t wait to start dreaming and creating with you!